WE MOVED! We are no longer on Ocean Drive. Our new address is 748 Chevelle Drive Baton Rouge, LA, 70806!


Call 225-929-9898 to schedule an appointment, you can leave a message with the answering service if we are unable to get to your call

You can also walk in to see the physician if you are a returning patient. Walk in hours are below, but are subject to change. Appointments may be available outside of these hours, especially for the infrared sauna which requires an appointment.

Monday September 25th  9:00-1:00pm
Tuesday September 26th  12:00-5:30pm
Wednesday September 27th  9:00-12:00pm
Thursday September 28th 12:00-5:30pm
Friday September 29th  9:00-12:00pm

Monday October 2nd  9:00-1:00pm
Tuesday October 3rd  12:00-5:30pm
Wednesday October 4th  9:00-12:00pm
Thursday October 5th 12:00-5:30pm
Friday October 6th  9:00-12:00pm

Monday October 9th  9:00-1:00pm
Tuesday October 10th  12:00-5:30pm
Wednesday October 11th  9:00-12:00pm
Thursday October 12th 12:00-5:30pm
Friday October 13th  9:00-12:00pm

Monday October 16th  9:00-1:00pm
Tuesday October 17th  12:00-5:30pm
Wednesday October 18th  9:00-12:00pm
Thursday October 19th 12:00-5:30pm
Friday October 20th  9:00-12:00pm

Monday October 23rd  9:00-1:00pm
Tuesday October 24th  12:00-5:30pm
Wednesday October 25th  9:00-12:00pm
Thursday October 26th 12:00-5:30pm
Friday October 27th  9:00-12:00pm

Monday October 30th  9:00-1:00pm
Tuesday October 31st  12:00-4:00pm  (Halloween)
Wednesday November 1st  9:00-12:00pm
Thursday November 2nd 12:00-5:30pm
Friday November 3rd  9:00-12:00pm