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What to eat at Panera


Mediterranean egg white on ciabatta 420 calories

Ham, egg and cheese on whole wheat 340 calories

Avocado, egg white & spinach breakfast power sandwich 400 calories

Turkey sausage, egg whites and spinach power breakfast sandwich 400 calories

Egg and cheese on ciabatta 390 calories

Power almond quinoa oatmeal 290 calories

Steel cut oatmeal with strawberries and pecans 340 calories


Broth Bowls

Soba noodle bowl with chicken 390 calories

Soba noodle bowl with edamame 370 calories

Lentil quinoa bowl with chicken 410 calories

Lentil quinoa bowl with cage free eggs 380 calories


Power Bowls

Power breakfast egg white bowl with roasted turkey 180 calories

Power breakfast egg bowl with steak 270 calories

Power Mediterranean chicken salad 400 calories

Power Mediterranean roasted turkey salad 300 calories

Power chicken hummus bowl (whole bowl) 270 calories

Power steak lettuce wraps 230 calories



Salads are without dressing (which you have to request)

If you choose a dressing to add the low-fat Thai chili vinaigrette is the best choice at additional 50 calories

Classic salad 170 calories

Classic with chicken salad 300 calories

Asian sesame chicken salad 420 calories

Thai chicken salad (whole) 490 calories

BBQ chicken salad (whole) 450 calories

Chicken cobb salad (whole) 540 calories

Greek salad (whole) 350 calories


Kids Salads

Check out the kids salads to add as a side to a low-calorie dish

Kids greek salad 180 calories

Kids classic salad 80 calories

Kids Caesar salad 160 calories


Kids turkey chilli 2 cups 190 calories with a kids salad (80-180 calories without dressing)


Kids smoked ham or smoked turkey 290 calories



Don't be fooled by their smoothies, they are very high in sugar!!